Giant Space Bugs

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Giant Space Bugs is a co-operative board game for one to four players, about managing a space station on a hostile world, under constant attack by the titular bugs.

On their turn, players roll a handful of dice. 2-4s are linked to certain actions, 6s are wild, and 1s must be set aside when rolled. (Each 1 rolled will summon a Giant Space Bug)

After each player has taken a turn, an event card is drawn. Some are positive or negative effects, some give the players a chance to trade one of thier resources for another, and some are powerful Boss Bugs who strengthen and empower the other bugs until they are destroyed.

Once the players have survived the onslaught, they are able to make thier escape back to Earth and win the game.

This game was created alongside RD20 for the 2015 Mint Tin Contest on BoardGameGeek.

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