Flipping Zombies

 Download the game from itch.io

This year, one of my goals is to release at least one print-and-play game each month, with the philosophy that if you want to do something well, you do it lots. This game was actually finished for Christmas, but January was stupid. (January’s always stupid) I’ll get my act together in the future.

Flipping Zombies is a 1-player dexterity game that prints in two pages and plays in about ten minutes.

Use Bottle Caps as bullets. Flip them at the zombie cards, each one that lands on a card deals one damage, headshots do two. Once you’re out of bullets, any remaining zombies do damage to you while you reload.

The game comes in full color and low-ink versions. I’ve also made all the art available for use under a creative commons license.

This was made for a young friend of mine. It was inspired by Devolver Studio’s Heavy Bullets, and its fire/collect bullets action loop.

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