Space Scavenger

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Space Scavenger is a roll-and-write solitaire game where you become the captain of the galaxy’s lowest budget spaceship, flying through the junk-filled space of What-Used-To-Be-Sol, building up your ship and collecting valuable scrap, as you fight for survival against dangerous debris and radiation. If you make it through out alive, maybe you’ll have enough credits to take a week off. If you don’t, well, at least those idiots at the Space Bureau have to fill out some paperwork, so that’s kind of a win!

The basic idea for this was “Galaxy Trucker: The Dice Game”. Then I decided to make it a roll-and-write game like all the cool kids are making these days. I simplified spaceflight, and made the mini games for building your ship and collecting loot, but then I needed another threat, and something to push you forward. That’s where the Radiation comes in. You can fly deeper into Sol to get a higher score multiplier, but you will take more and more radiation damage, so you can’t stay there very long.

I haven’t tested this enough times that I’m convinced it’s done, but I’m pretty excited about it otherwise. (Feedback is always appreciated and will make the game better) After all the time I spent smashing my head against Daydream Dungeon, I was kind of astonished how fast this came together.

This is my entry into the Paper Jam on

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