Hall of the Dwarven King

Download the game from itch.io

As a recently-crowned Dwarven King, you’d quite like a palace. Your followers would rather spend their days fighting amongst themselves and drinking. Good luck with that.

Hall of the Dwarven King is a dice game for one player. Each of your seven dice represents the whims of one of your followers, Sometimes they’ll feel like mining or building, but just as often, they’d rather drink or get into fights.

Try to order them around too much and they’ll just walk off. So if you want a palace (Which, of course you do) you’ll need to work around the Dwarves’ inclinations, build Taverns and Gaming halls so they’ll be happier doing what you say, or just hire mercenaries if you need an extra hand.

All you need to play Hall of the Dwarven King is this PDF, a pencil and seven standard dice.

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