Morino Monster (AGBIC 2017)

Play the game on (Requires webcam and keyboard)

Designed for A Game By Its Cover 2017 || Based on kart design by James Montagna|| Listen to Audio Let’s Play (By Daniel K)

I was drawn to this kart because of the gimmick. The thought of an oldschool kart with a light sensor just excited me. About half the time I spent on this project was making the webcam work as a sensor, but the final result is definitely worth it. I strongly recommend playing with a friend riding point on the lightswitch, but Daniel K’s solution of a spinning chair in a half-lit doorway sounds excellent too.

Like my last two digital games, there are both challenges that are not what they seem at first, and secrets for players willing to find them. If you get stuck, or would like a hint about the secrets, feel free to comment below or on the page.

Process: [1] [2] [3]


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