Arcane Bakery Clash

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It’s been a long time coming. You and a particular co-worker at the Arcane Bakery simply cannot work together anymore. In a moment of frustration, you challenge them to a duel: After close, no holds barred. The loser resigns. And cleans up the mess.

Arcane Bakery Duel is a tiny card game for two players, with a memory-based timed combat mechanic. Put recipes in the oven, and take them out at the right time to confuse, steal from, and cripple your opponent, while building up your own strength.

Defend yourself with a Toffeeskin potion, Send razor-sharp Sugar Shuriken flying at your opponent, or slow them down with a frosty Cone of Ice Cream.

Unfortunately if you mess up your timing, the whole batch could wind up exploding in your face.

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