Legends of Dsyx

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Do you enjoy high fantasy adventures? Do you like rolling dice? Do your friends and family disappoint you by not wanting to play games all the time? Is free time your dump stat?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Legends of Dsyx may be just what you need. A series of 15 minute roll-and-write games that are played entirely on a single sheet of paper. Each game expands the mythical world of Dsyx, letting you take the roles of its Heroes and Leaders. Dig a Dwarven Mine! Construct a Mage’s Tower! Sail a raft full of Goblin Pirates! And that’s just the first three.

Legends of Dsyx easily fits on an airline tray, or even the back of a large-ish hardcover book. All you need to play is standard six-sided dice and a pencil (You don’t even need an eraser). And best of all, you can play a Legends of Dsyx game in the time it takes to bake a salmon.

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