Most of the comics I follow are long-form story driven ones. I do read a few stellar gag-a-day comics though:

  • I AM ARG: It’s a pop-culture reference fest with lots of vulgarity and scatological humor, and normally I’d avoid that. But the conversations this couple has are so very much like our senseless chatter… Anyway, finding it super relocatable
  • Bug Martini: The joy of this comic is that it completely ignores normal comic strip wisdom by providing at least one, if not two punch lines per panel. The strip premises are straight out of left field, and then they get thoroughly examined with less-than-stellar logic.
  • chainsawsuit: Kris Straub has done a lot of good, well written comics. But this one proves that even when he isn’t sweating over panels balancing suspense with levity, he can still deliver memorable characters and goofiness, seldom paralleled.