Tomorrow is Free Comics Day. So enjoy the comics I offer free on my website. Yay!

Here are some superhero comics that are also free:

JL8 is a webcomic that will never ever see print, because it is about everyone’s favorite mainstream superhero team, The Avengers! The Justice League! But, like they’re all in elementary school. If you want to watch Batman and Powergirl have awkward kid dates, or The Martian Manhunter, The Flash, and The Green Lantern go bigfoot hunting, this is your best bet.

To Be Continued laughs at your paltry exceptions of how a comic should work. It’s a story about superheroes, but superheroes are like, glorified rockstars. Their powers are real, but their fights are choreographed and most heroes are stuck in a red-tape limbo waiting for a licence. It’s punk as all get out. The presentation is crazy, some days normal comic panels go in all directions, in others characters are represented by playing cards tossed out on a table. It takes some getting used to, but gosh would 90s Scott McCloud be proud.

Vibe is gorgeous, noisy and confusing. Basically, this kid’s a Voodoo witch doctor who battles people’s inner daemons for them, He uses a trio of wise-cracking totems who can “Mount” to him, giving him their powers. It’s pretty basic stuff, but the art is lush and… Juicy? I think that works here. There’s some cool twists in the most recent chapter too, definitely worth reading.