This week’s Comic Spotlight features comics you might learn something from. (Hark! A Vagrant, Dinosaur Comics and XKCD are too popular for me to really need to boost them, but you’ll probably appreciate them anyway)

Bird and Moon is a collection of one-off comics and charts that combine some actually quite interesting animal facts (Like the fact that Strapped whales’ tusks keep their mouth closed?) with pure comic silliness. It’s light and fun and educational.

Existential Comics takes notable philosophers from throughout history and puts them into a fairly normal situation like a football game or a zombie apocalypse, and then lets them react to each other based on their philosophies. And if you don’t know your notable philosophers, don’t despair! Every comic comes with an explanation of the joke so you can feel smart at smart person parties.

I Think You’re Sauceome is a journal comic, with a focus on interesting food. On any given day, the comic might be a story about trying something new,  an illustration of lunch or the history of tamales. It’s all very lovely and colourful, this is definitely one of my favorites of all time.