For this week’s comic spotlight, I thought I’d focus on some people who make comics that as far as I know are only available on DeviantArt.

Metal Snail I discovered this guy because somebody contacted me trying to hire him. Turns out we also have a lot in common, since his drawings look like the inside of my head. He does some comics, along with illustration and modeling, all very reminicent of the Oddworld series.

Seyorrol This artist does some pretty weird comics, all lovingly detailed and with excellent worldbuilding. It’s hard sometimes to know what’s going on, but on the other hand, it doesn’t matter?

47ness Sally Sprocket and Piston Pete are the stars of the show over at 47ness’ gallery. Thier adorable, meticulously drawn steampunk comic updates ridiculously frequently. Why do the rest of us even bother?