If there’s one takeaway you can get from reading Spacefox it’s that I’ve been watching a lot of Adventure Time.

The Spotlight this week is comics about Death. Because we love brightening your day.

Helvetica – Is about a boy who wakes up dead, and has to adjust to his new life in the land of the dead. It’s a bit like a less noir Grim Fandango thing, full of cute, classy characters.

Paranatural – A lovely, weird comic about a Highschool Club dedicated to solving paranormal mysteries. It’s kind of jarring how quickly it switches between serious, engaging stories and Rage Comic level goofiness, but it’s worth it regardless.

Dead Winter – When people ask me what webcomic they should read, this and Bad Machinery are what I’ll point them towards. This one’s horror I guess, but you forget. You get caught up in the stories of these sweet, fascinating people, and then something terrifying and horrible happens, and you care, and it’s awful and amazing, and I love it.