Happy Easter everyone! I hope The Resurrected Christ brought you lots of foil-wrapped chocolate. That’s how it works right?

Weird Christian adoption of Tribal Germanic festivals aside, I do hope you’re all doing well. Post-Easter I’m going to start announcing changes to the way I run things around here. (Which wont happen until this book is over, so don’t worry, you’ll have warning)


As promised last week, this Comic Spotlight features three fantasy comics that aren’t as heavily Tolkien-inspired:

Gastrophobia is a very silly comic set in Ancient Greece, starring Phobia, the Amazon known for being “Best at Winning” and her musically gifted son Gastro as they get into all sorts of adventures around Inconcequentia. (An area that is later destroyed by a volcano, making it a haven for time travelers not wanting to cause a paradox. Yeah it’s that kind of comic) Along the way they encounter Shape-Shifting Cuckoos, Evil Magic Bears, a disillusioned sphinx named Trivia who only has one riddle, and an Enslaved Con Artist nemed Klepto in a troubling relationship with a Giant Demonic Centipede. (Yeah, it’s also that kind of comic)

Platinum Black (Content warning: Swears and Boobs) doesn’t update often, but when it does, it’s a cool alternate-history story about a colonial era where Europeans discovered a contenent filled with sentient talking animals that would gladly eat them. Which isn’t really doing the comic justice, but that’s kind of what we’ve got so far. There’s pirates, there’s very angry seals, there’s like, silver people? By the same artist as Manly Guys Doing Manly Things.

In Next Town Over, zombie, mad scientist, gunslinger Vane Black chases showman, con artist, fire mage John Henry Hunter across the American frontier, to make him pay for… Something. We get glimpses of their past, Hunter has definitely wronged her (Possibly killed her? Again, zombie) but mostly it’s just mad pursuit, with the pair leaving nothing but chaos and ruin in their wake.