A bit of a dark turn this week, what will happen next?

Today was International Tabletop Day, a day for playing/selling games that you play on tables. I used the occasion as a personal buttkick to get Blackberry Dice up on The Game Crafter. It’s not my best design, but it’s the only one I have ready to sell.

This week’s Comic Spotlight is another one all about FURRY COMICS! (Don’t click that link. You clicked it didn’t you? I warned you. Serves you right)

The Catena Cafe is a comic about a Snow Leopard named Treiss who is trying to get her life together? It’s a bit of a slice-of-life thing, with some crazy characters, but really well drawn. This is a reboot, the original comic being basically the same premise except they all lived in a mansion and all the dudes were shirtless and all the ladies wore dresses all the time. And there were angels for no reason. It’s a lot tamer this time round.

Prequel (Or Making a Cat Cry: The Adventure) (Mild content warning) is a Homestuck fan comic set in the Elder Scrolls universe. As I stopped reading Homestuck when it switched focus to the Trolls (I was clearly never ever going to catch up) and I’ve never played an Elder Scrolls game, I can assure you it is plenty enjoyable without context. It’s about a Kajit (That’s a cat person in Skyrim Speak) who is bad at everything trying to be not bad at everything and comically failing. It’d be meanspirited if you weren’t rooting for this poor girl the whole time, and it would be pretty tragic if there weren’t tiny glimmers of (occasionally fists-in-the-air-worthy) progress.

Catalist is pretty weird. It combines animation and music, a videogame-like gui, and magic cat people, making it similar to Prequel above, but super serious. There’s not much of it yet, but it’s gorgeous and brutal, and en-TICING. The writers are keeping their cards fairly close to their chests on the exposition front, and they’ve got me played.